This letter was sent to Detroit by a young admirer of his.

We would like to take this time to apologize to those who bought tickets for our performance at the Carver Theater, and also the people that were there to pay at the door. We deeply regret what happen, but we can assure you it wasn’t neglegance on our part. It was mismanagement and greed I would say in triple booking the theater for the January 16th the day of our event. We were hoping or expecting a representative of the Carver Theater to give a public apology, but so for to no avail. However, We at the the Danny Barker Banjo and Guitar festival office would like to say thank you for your support In helping us honor Danny Barker and keeping his legacy alive through this 4 day festival of events. Thank you.

God bless.
Danny Barker Festival Production, inc.

Quote from Vincent Sylvain – New Orleans Agenda


Congratulations on an excellent, and much deserved, Tribute event/Festival for Danny.

In the future, we would be open to different ideas you might have to feature on the Festival.

But this is really excellent,