Les Getrex

There is nothing more refreshing than listening to a singer who can really sing. Listening to Les Getrex sing is like having a long cool drink on a hot day. It soothes and refreshes the soul. For more than thirty years, Les has been entertaining people with his own soulful interpretation of the blues. His playful style and natural ability draw his audiences into every performance.

Les grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, the fourth of five children, in the musically rich neighborhood of the Sixth Ward. Music has always been an integral part of his life – from belting out soul wrenching spirituals in church to playing the trumpet in the school band.

When he was in his early twenties, Les heard Jimi Hendrix play, and that performance inspired him to learn how to play the guitar. Les is completely self taught on the guitar. His natural musical abilities drew the attention of a neighbor who asked Les to join his band, playing lead guitar. Les joined the band Burnt Toast and Coffee and his musical career was launched; a career that has now spanned decades and continents, and has provided the soundtrack for music lovers around the world.

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